Single Dashboard Monitoring

To keep a record of the overall sales, be it online ordering, Dining, takeaways etc. the owner is always keen to be updated on the sales of the restaurant. PosEase enables you to monitor all the operations of all the outlets on a single screen.


User rights management

Keeping complete control in your hands, PosEase enables you to limit the features you need to give to your staff. By giving them only the prerequisite control of billing, you can very well manage and control the rest of the operations.


Anti-fraud Reporting (order cancellations, bill modifications, bill reprint)

The food and beverage industry has to face a lot of challenges. Order cancellations, changes in the bill, reprinting of the bill etc. are all taken care of by our PosEase Reporting POS software. All the malpractices and improper activities can also be controlled.


Comprehensive Tax Reporting

PosEase enables its owners to get the details and data of the taxes from all its outlets. Our software makes the compilation of data easy and accessible without much effort.


Web and App

Posease gives you total visibility over all aspects of your restaurant operations as it works on all the operating systems and multiple devices, making it always within reach.


Set Automatic Email Reports

To manage your emails, PosEase provides you with the facility of viewing your emails at your convenience.

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