Item Category, Variations & Add-Ons

PosEase helps you to customize your menu according to the needs of the customers. Small, regular, medium sizes of the shakes etc., can be according to the choice of the consumers. Pizzas with extra cheese or a topping of their choice can also be customized.


Aggregator Menu Management

PosEase provides you with the facility of complete coordination with the menus of the food aggregators. Any changes made in the menu regarding the prices or the food items are directly reflected in the aggregators’ menu without any delay.


Configure Special Notes

By fulfilling the special demands of the customer, our PosEase Restaurant management Menu Software enables the chef to prepare the dish as per the choice of the customer by making the necessary changes mentioned in the special notes section.


Short-codes for quick billing

To increase the speed of the Restaurant POS Software and to enable quick functioning of the staff, certain short codes have been set aside for certain dishes or adapted in the system to make the working of the restaurant POS effective by providing immediate service to its customers.


Multiple Menus

A Restaurant Software can have multiple menus serving some extra dishes in a particular area. Due to this, there might be a variation in the prices with the food aggregators. PosEase enables you to manage all this efficiently without any hassle.


Item Combos and BoGo

Various deals and schemes which are offered by the restaurant these days attract many customers. But to keep oneself hassle-free and manage the inventory with ease, our PosEase software makes it very comfortable as the synchronization is easily possible.

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