Central Kitchen Module

Posease is directly connected to the base kitchen, as it provides a systematic way of keeping a track of all the raw materials purchased, used in the preparation of the dishes and the raw material left for consumption later hence keeping a clear check on the availability of the stock.


Raw Material Management

PosEase gives you a clear notification alert of the stock. With this software, one can easily maintain a record of the inventory of the items used and the items left in the stock.


Multi-stage Recipe

Another additional feature of PosEase software is that it keeps a record of the ingredients used in multiple recipes. Thus the software will easily denote and update the amount of raw material that is used and left for the preparation of dishes later.


Food-Cost Report

Based on the market prices of raw materials used in your restaurant you can adjust the prices of various food items available on the menu. With PosEase software all this is just a click away as any changes in the costing of the raw material will help you alter your menu prices.


Minimum stock alerts

PosEase enables you to maintain a basic amount of stock which is required at all stages. It thus keeps a track of the inventory and updates you when it needs to be replenished so you can get an email alerts when inventory items reach their reorder level.


Purchase Order Management

This software is directly linked with the central kitchen, where the demand for any item required can easily be raised and ordering of the stock from the supplier can easily be managed at any time.

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