Speeding up the billing process

The Quick Service billing Service POS Software by PosEase fastened up the billing process as it avoids long queues of people waiting to order. The immediate printing of KOTs also speeds up the process resulting in quick delivery.


Managing the Menu and online ordering

From menu management to accepting online orders, takeaways, or dine-in, all are possible with one software provided by PosEase, Which streamlines all the processes.


Minimum wastage maximum utilisation

The PosEase software provides you with the facility to view the exact recipe anytime and anywhere so that the chef is always at ease. By keeping track of the inventory the remaining stock can always be utilized first so that there is no wastage at all.


Combo meals

All your required meals and their accompaniments can be customized as per your choice by the PosEase software. Small, medium, large servings; buy one get one free; extra cheese, no dips can all be managed as per your choice.


Hub and spoke Model

The central kitchen so organizes itself that it evenly distributes the food items to all its outlets as per their needs and requirements. This hub and spoke model offered by PosEase makes a distribution from the central kitchen easy and effective.


Multiple Billing made easier

Whatever you order can be billed at any counter as multiple billing terminals are available. With the PosEase software Integration of systems is easier as they can be connected. Hence ordering from one counter and billing at another is now possible.


Managing online deliveries and off-line orders

With the display system mounted on the wall of your restaurant, the online delivery boys will not create much of a fuss as they would only come to pick up when their order is ready and the off-line orders can now be managed without any interruption.

Kitchen Display System

Cloud-Based Restaurant Management software enables Chefs to prepare orders quickly and efficiently with KDS. The KDS provides live KOT updates on your staff's screens, allowing kitchen workers to interact more effectively and serve more efficiently.

  • Get table-by-table KOTs with real-time changes on your screen.
  • Kitchen Management that is Free of Errors. Raw material management
  • Manage orders efficiently.
  • Chefs can use a consolidated item view to create food more quickly.
  • Avoid confusion and ensure first come, first served.
  • Runs on a computer, a smartphone, or a tablet.

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