Centrally Monitoring all your outlets: The HO Module

With your outlets spread across various cities, it would be a cumbersome affair to keep an individual track of them all. PosEase provides you with the facility of centralized monitoring of all your outlets on a single screen .where it is easy for you to make comparisons and get a correct picture of your sales. This in turn helps you to take all the right decisions and streamline all your processes.


Organizing the Central Kitchen

With a base kitchen, in each city it becomes easy to distribute the raw material and the stock to the other outlets and keep a track of the remaining raw material. PosEase also enables you to chalk out a route for the transfer of the supplies as per the need and requirement of the outlet. Hence it is very easy to plan and manage your time and distribute the raw materials well in advance.


Managing the purchase order

Any demand /requirement of your outlet is easily fulfilled by the central kitchen with the help of the PosEase software as it not only checks the availability of raw material but it also plans a timely dispatch so that the outlet does not feel any shortage because of the raw material.


Reconciliation of the Online Orders

As the food aggregators form an integral part of your system it is very important to track and reconcile them. The orders canceled, rejected, any discounts, commissions, refunds are all managed by the PosEase software ,hence giving you a correct and complete idea of the entire payout of all your orders.


From the PosEase Dashboard

PosEase provides you with a dashboard that can be customized as per choice and the way you want your reports. Visualizing your data, making comparisons, charts, and graphs all as per your choice would eventually help you expand your business and take correct decisions.


Invoicing and tax returns

PosEase helps you generate B2B and B2C invoices and keeps a record of them as well. It manages all your transactions, taxes, and bills with Tax QR codes so that you can easily make the necessary changes as per your requirement and convenience.

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