Easy-to-use Billing Screen

To make the billing easy and quick with Restaurant Billing POS Software by us. PosEase enables the display of only the required features on the billing screen thereby allowing quick processing of the KOT’s and Receipts. you can manage the preferences according to your restaurant type.


Kitchen-wise KOT printing

To make operation smooth for a multi-cuisine restaurant, PosEase allows the KOT’s to get transferred to their respective kitchen/section directly.Moreover, multiple printers can be connected to the main system making the process more accessible and sorted.


Online Order Management

With PosEase system, the online aggregators orders can be directly placed and the biller is simultaneously able to generate the bills and the KOT’s without any hassle. Hence, correct online orders can be placed in the kitchen with ease.


Works on any Hardware

Your laptop, mobile, iPad or personal computers are all equally friendly with our PosEase software. The authentication of the software is proved by the various testing techniques that it has undergone. Hence, no extra investment is required.


Offline Architecture

PosEase software can smoothly work both online as well as offine. Even if you are offine the data is stored locally and it gets linked up to the cloud connection once you are online as it helps you to maintain your bills and other inventory in real-time.


Configurable Taxes & Discounts

Any taxes imposed or any changes made in the tax-related schemes by the government can easily be managed by our software and updated accordingly. PosEase gives you the facility to make any changes in your discount related schemes at your convenience.

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