Online Order Integrations

Orders from multiple aggregators can be managed systematically on a single screen by our PosEase software.


Menu Updations or Changes

PosEase manages it all. Any changes in the menu regarding the dishes, prices, new offers and schemes, are all directly updated right from the pos without any hassle.


Customizable add-on charges

Extra charges for food packaging, additional ice cream on your cold coffee, extra cheese in your burgers can all be Customized by our PosEase software.


Toggle your dishes or outlets On/off

Depending upon the availability of the raw material, the rush in your restaurant and a large number of takeaways, PosEase provides you with the facility to switch between the on and off option for all the online deliveries.


Additional Aggregator Features

With the facility to work with different food aggregators, PosEase provides you with the ability to incorporate certain features like offering discounts and coupons, special cooking instructions and rider details etc. to make online ordering more accessible.

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