Customize your Billing

Be it a hand-tossed or a cheese burst pizza! A small, medium, large: all sizes and any toppings of your choice be it with extra cheese or olives or sweet corn or any other topping of your choice can all be customized by our PosEase software. Just to make things easy to serve you better


Various Offers and Schemes

Any scheme or deal initiated by you to increase your sales is immediately adapted by our PosEase software. Giving a choice to the customers of a taco or a garlic bread with a large pizza, with or without a dip or a coke, buy one get one are all easily set up on our software.


Managing Multiple Outlets

The head office module provides you access to manage all the other outlets on a single dashboard, Hence you save a lot of time by viewing all the information on a single dashboard without having to juggle between different keys.


Inventory Tracking

The PosEase software keeps a check of the raw materials in hand: what all is consumed and what all is left and the raw materials required from the central kitchen so that you can use it later and manage your Respective orders accordingly so that the customers do not feel the pinch in case any item is out of stock.


Integrating Online Orders

Just taking the order from the aggregator and then transferring KOT directly to kitchen, is all very time-consuming. The PosEase software displays the order to be prepared on the screen so that you can utilize the stock pretty well! Those items which are not available, you can toggle off the dish right from the POS so that the customers are not disheartened.

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