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Powerful CRM Platform

Engage your customers with tailored cash-back programs, personalized offers, and lucrative referral programs. Make business decisions quick and informed by tracking customer orders, revenue and where your customers come from.


Social Media Marketing

Posease Restaurant Marketing Platform manage your social media with premium custom designed creatives and enhance your social media visibility by use of relevant hashtags and content. We Target the people in your local market that would most likely be interested in your restaurant using factors like demographics and interest categories and make campaign as per your budget.


Make Your Own E-Wallet!

Wallet gives a reason to your customer to return.No need to carry any app or Card, Now your customers can access digital wallet for all the transaction with their Mobile number. Plan your Gift Card or Create Wallet recharge to your customer’s wallet right from your pos. Get real time transactions and take business decisions immediately.


SMS Marketing Automation

Send the right message at the right time with targeted restaurant SMS marketing and in-app message campaigns. Automate your SMS and in-app messaging campaigns with just a few clicks and keep your restaurant continuously engaged.


PosEase POS Marketing Software suite provides Different Marketing tools & Actionable Analytics to run the personalised campaign and boost customer retention.

Cashback Program


Referral Marketing

Automated Campaigns

Social Media Marketing

SMS Marketing


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