Our Key Features of Restaurant CRM Software


Sync Customer Information

Our CRM software Systems enables you to collect all the information about your customers, not only their names and Mobile numbers but also their birthdays & anniversaries. This information in turn gets synced with our POS to gain insights about your customers.


Customer History on PoS

The facility to create customer history is possible with our PosEase CRM software. you can access the customer’s last orders, the total order value & the last visit to the restaurant right from your Point of Sale software.


Customer Outreach

PosEase provides you easy access to your customers by sending those personalized SMS on their birthdays and anniversaries and offering them various offers and discounts to make them feel more privileged.



There are various ways of getting an honest opinion about your restaurant, the food, the service, the ambience, the staff etc. from your customers. PosEase allows you to get a true report about your restaurant via an SMS or a feedback form.

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