Ordering made easy

The best feature of PosEase is its ordering ,which enables the waiters/ captain to take orders directly from the mobile or tablet without much of a hassle in running around as it saves time and helps them concentrate more on their customers.


Dashboard Viewing

A single dashboard tracking enables you to get a complete idea and a complete picture of your restaurant on a single screen. Seeing the inventory, taking of orders, the number of tables occupied, and the orders in the process all enable you to get a complete overview of your restaurant.


Inventory Management

The inventory management system by PosEase gives you a complete overview of the stock in hand, the amount used and the amount left for future use. All this enables you to manage and maintain your orders properly so that you are always at ease while serving your customers.


Table Management

This is a great concept enabled by PosEase which helps you to merge and split the tables easily and quickly and hence manage a large number of people together.


Split Bills

The PosEase software helps you to split the bills as per your convenience, be it based on food, drinks, or dessert when you have a large number of people sitting at one table and the bill needs to be divided as per their choice.


Performance reward

The most important and essential concept to check your sales is based on the performance of a good employee. Rewarding the best performing waiters will help you to enables your waiters to perform better and increase your profit margins.

Waiter/Captain App

Waiter App enables waiters/captain to create KOTs and manage tables from a Mobile or Tablet,
thus reducing delays and manual errors.

  • Enable your waiters/captains to take table orders directly from mobile or tablet.
  • Send KOT directly to multiple kitchens or counters.
  • Previous orders can be reviewed and cancelled.
  • Add customer information by using waiter App.
  • Multiple devices can be synced in real-time with each other and with the POS.
  • Allow to split and swap tables from the waiter app.

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