Billing made quick and easy

The PosEase bakery software allows you to manage quick billing at your coffee shop and hence as soon as the order is placed at one counter the coffee is ready to be sipped at the other.


Station-wise KOTs

Pizza at the Italian counter and ice cream at the dessert section is what the PosEase software does. Printing the right KOTs at the respective counters is possible with a click. It not only saves time and also prevents any kind of chaos.


Extras and Add-Ons

Customization all as per your need and requirement is made possible with the PosEase software. Any varient in your food and beverage menu can be customized as per your requirement and would automatically reflect in the billing itself.


Tracking all bakery items

Before the bread turns stale or is unfit for consumption the PosEase software assists you to keep a track of the billing, items already in stock, and those required for future consumption so that you can decide on what you need to order next so that there is minimum wastage and complete consumption as all the items are perishable.


Integrating with the Online Aggregator

The aggregator integration software by PosEase enables you to track all the orders from food aggregators like Swiggy, Zomato, and Food Panda onto your system. The printing of KOTS, the billing, and the delivery is all shown on a single screen hence multiple aggregators can be managed single-handedly and the regular customers do not wait.


Tracking the best-performing employee

With the PosEase software, you can keep a track of the employee's performance, their social skills, and their ability to perform and satisfy their customers. Hence at the end of the month, the best employee can be recognized and rewarded.

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