How to use Instagram for restaurant marketing?

One of the best ways nowadays to reach your marketing goals is Instagram, which provides you with inspiring and cost-effective strategies to build followers who will eventually be transformed into loyal customers.

Some of the basics required to get started on Instagram include:

  1. The first step is to create a business account for your profile to run ads on it is managed within a few steps and is free of cost.
  2. Selecting a photo or a video to promote your ad: Next step is to create a new post or a story and then promote
  3. Promoting your ad: You have various ways to customize your promotion, you have to set up a destination, audience, duration and budget and finally with Instagram‘s automatic option you can get it running
  4. Publishing the ad: After the ad is ready the next step is to create a A notification would be received when the ad is approved and ready to run.

Some popular ideas used on Instagram to promote your restaurant include:

  1. Exhibiting your popular dishes and drinks: This is an important idea in the field of restaurant Showing off your most popular dish and encouraging your customers to share it with their families and friends helps in the promotion of the dish and hence, your restaurant. A newly made dish garnished in an impressive way that is never served before draws the attention of many customers and you may draw the attention of a large audience.
  2. Rewarding loyal customers: Your regular customers can be rewarded by giving them discounts or attractive coupons to post pictures of your restaurant regularly and encourage others to visit your restaurant and give your food. This is an important marketing strategy which enables you to have a large number of followers who post on your behalf.
  3. Going live: Videos on Instagram are becoming more and more popular these Hence, to get a real-time experience you can share live videos of a birthday celebration, an employee appreciation ceremony, an engagement party and so on. Using live videos you can tell your followers to join in and enjoy the fun.
  4. Adding new menu items: To keep in touch with the old customers and to encourage new customers you can upload your new menu or the newly added items which inspire them to come and order your unique
  5. Using hashtags: An important idea in the promotion of your restaurant would be creating a unique This will allow the followers to search for your posts quickly. Creating Instagram ideas like this will help you attract new followers and build new customers.
  6. Employee appreciation: By choosing a member of the staff and providing him incentive is a wonderful idea and posting the pictures on Instagram will help the customers get to know your staff better. The customers will get connected to your restaurant and employees, thereby, building up their loyalty towards.
  7. Giving away gift cards: Giving your customers gift cards and coupons or maybe vouchers on special events like Christmas, Valentine’s Day, their birthdays and providing them with mugs, cups or T-shirts etc. with your logo promotes your restaurant and helps you build their loyalty towards.
  8. Creating interesting backdrops: Customers generally click pictures with attractive and interesting backdrops and share these pictures on their Instagram They often tag your restaurant which promotes your sales. Hence creating such walls in your restaurant which inspire customers to click pictures or selfies will help you in the further promotion.
  9. Promote direct ordering: Online Ordering is the most accepted feature today especially post-pandemic. Help your customers order online by adding your restaurant’s direct ordering link to your Instagram This will enable your customers to just click the link on your bio and they can place the order instantly without visiting your website and looking up the menu there.
  10. Incorporating your restaurant branding into your Instagram posts: Make sure that your account gives a feel like your restaurant so that it is easily recognized by your customers. sticking to one particular colour palette and maintaining consistency, using your brand font in posts that have text as a part of the image and deciding on colours that align with your brand strategy, all help you build brand.

Instagram marketing is an important method to boost your restaurant sales at a very minimal cost. Youngsters today, actively participating on social media create their accounts and by default promote your sales by tagging your restaurant. Instagram is a new and trending platform built for telling visual stories and helping you discover new ideas and experiences.

Besides these Restaurant marketing strategies, other important skills required in running the restaurant business include management of the inventory, managing the bills, printing of KOTs, managing orders both online and takeaways and allocating staff their designations and duties.

All this compiled together with your hard work, quality of food and management techniques and skills enable you to run a successful restaurant!