Restaurant POS Software

Free Restaurant POS Billing Software for Lifetime

POS billing software takes care of all the needs of a restaurant and maximizes your sales and margins, with new and innovative features. It manages all your business processes easily, quickly and efficiently. Our Free POS software for restaurant is essential for all your business affairs as it streamlines all the processes in a systematic and organized way. A well-defined, user-friendly yet comprehensive software that is suitable for all kinds of joints, be it fine dining, a cafe, a cloud kitchen, a food court, a bakery or a QSR.

Multiple features incorporated in our PosEase software make it the highest-selling software which is ideal for all restaurants.

Some of the features include:

  1. Inventory Management System: Keeping a track of all your stock and creating a perfect balance in the demand and supply, the POS software fits in perfectly when the inventory has to be decided and maintained.
  2. Table Management: Our Restaurant POS system ensures that the appropriate number of people are seated at the right place without any table being left. Hence, it assigns the tables based on the range of parameters.
  3. Managing multiple outlets: To save the owner from running around from one outlet to the other, POS software is required so that viewing and managing all the sales on a single screen becomes easy and convenient. It provides you with all the information and details from all the outlets at your fingertips.
  4. Recipe Management: Managing multiple outlets is a tedious task unless you own the POS software which flashes the same recipe throughout all your outlets and makes sure that you serve the same taste everywhere.
  5. Managing your purchases: Not only does the PosEase software manages the inventory, but it also manages and tracks the details of the items that have been ordered from the suppliers, if there are any returns etc.
  6. The CRM: All the data regarding your customers, their birthdays, and anniversaries are taken care of by the software as it sends them gentle reminders by setting alerts, thereby creating a good customer relationship.
  7. Employee Management: With user-friendly and efficient software, it becomes effortless to manage your employees as you can track their attendance, their salaries, the number of hours worked by them etc.
  8. Managing KOTs and KDS: With the PosEase software, it becomes very easy to print the orders and send them directly to the kitchen and with the KDS, all the online orders can be managed easily without disturbing the in-house customers as all online deliveries are carried on smoothly.
  9. Integration with Zomato and Swiggy: It has become very easy to manage orders from food aggregators like Zomato and Swiggy and place them on a single dashboard with the POS software as taking orders, billing and food deliveries are all streamlined.
  10. The Billing System: Billing has become quick, easy and error-free when operated upon with the software as it allows all the digital methods of payment as well.

Keeping the customer a priority and the PosEase software manages everything in just a single click and fulfils all your requirements of an excellent POS systems for restaurants which is Free For Lifetime and works on any PC, laptop or even a mobile phone which is an absolute necessity for any restaurant business.