Best POS software for restaurants in India

The best restaurant POS software : POSEASE – A blessing for the Indian
restaurant industry.

PosEase software has proved to be very useful in this field. The restaurant industry has come up with a new look in this digitalization period. The POS software fulfill all your requirements such as online ordering with bill processing, inventory management, processing of KOT’s and working of the CRM.  And PosEase does all things for you.

From small to large restaurants, be it a small Cafe or bakery, a night kitchen or dining area, PosEase covers all the amenities of a comfortable restaurant.  One of the characteristics of software you can do easy billing, it works on any gadget also enabling kitchen wise printing of KOT’s. You can get overview of total selling as well as manages your all online orders. The Restaurant POS Software allows you to work both offline and with connection to the internet at a time as per your convenience.

Don’t worry! The POS Software gets responsibilities to manage the inventory with taking care of raw materials and left over materials in central kitchen. It is included with the menu layout and control menu. With its special note, it helps the customer to customize the menu as per their choice.

It is very essential to understand CRM’s concept & managing your customers in today’s era. The Restaurant POS System allows you to save your customers’ history and provide them with special loyalty benefits at their special times.

Advantages of using PosEase for the Owner

  • PosEase allows the owner to get a complete view of the payment pattern in one restaurant or series of restaurants all in one screen.
  • The owner can keep a track of the inventory and thus raise purchase orders accordingly.
  • Allowing the owner to handle taxes and rebates has made things easier. With full integration with online orders and food additives, it allows the owner to have a complete record of food prices, margins, and profits.
  • Any fraud related to the conversion of bills or the re-printing of bills etc. it all comes down to the owner’s notification.
  • Managing a customer is another important task a hotel owner must do to maintain loyal customers. He or she may well advertise certain discounts or coupons he or she can make benefit its customers and thus increase restaurant sales.

Advantages of using PosEase for the Staff

  • Easy to operate and easy to use, PosEase saves a lot of time for staff ensures better and more efficient service.
  • Since all work is done digitally, there is little chance of any error, be it the printing of KOTs, taking orders online or placing orders as you wish.
  • Stock management can be easily done by employees with PosEase software.
  • Managing online orders and updating or changing the menu is another additional feature of PosEase software.

India’s leading POS software that allows you to run your own restaurant business smoothly without any hassle is PosEase. With the Free Sign up facility, anyone i.e. staff or owner can easily understand its functionality with Single click. This cloud-based software is designed in such a way to support live chat 365 days a year, manage and track orders, sales, and reports, manage your debt, manage money and costs. It performs of all the functions of waiters, employees, manager, and owner and puts them in one place so they can work in coordination hence making the best use of the software.