Tips to improve your restaurant profile on online food delivery apps

With the rising demand in the food industry and the increasing popularity of the restaurant business, one gets easily lured by the attractive opportunities and benefits of staying in this business. With the upcoming platforms like Zomato, Swiggy, FoodPanda, Uber eats etc. Restaurant sales have increased manifold and the idea of the restaurant business has changed completely.

Not only fine dining, but the idea of a cafe, a bakery, a takeaway joint or a cloud kitchen is most trending nowadays. A few suggestions that would help you improve your restaurant profile on the online food delivery app are:

  • Online delivery apps: People nowadays find it very convenient and easy to order food online and the most popular food aggregators are Swiggy and Zomato. In case you are using more than one Online ordering service, it is better to use a good POS which connects the orders from various online ordering services. This use of technology will help you improve your service and satisfy your customers better.
  • Taking telephonic orders: The idea of calling up to place an order is still prevalent in many parts all over India. Hence a well-trained staff to take down the orders, with good communication skills and attending to the customers politely is of utmost importance.
  • Menu for online ordering: The menu for ordering food online should be legible, short and self-explanatory. The online menu should be available on your restaurant website and with the other restaurant delivery service providers. Online aggregators are one of the biggest platforms where the customer approaches to order food, hence it is extremely important to have a stellar landing page for online orders, where the customer by default clicks on the order now button.
  • Assigning orders and tracking deliveries: To track your delivery staff and analyze the time taken for the orders to get delivered, you must assign the orders to the restaurant delivery agents and track them once they are dispatched. Categorizing the customers based on the data provided, assigning orders to free riders, and setting up the delivery route, all save time and ensure proper deliveries.
  • Providing excellent service: You need to provide excellent service to your customers to retain them and, ensure they come back to you again. You must provide insulated bags to your riders which keep all things warm or cold as they are. Make sure that the packaging of the food is intact to avoid any spillage as it looks unappealing and does not create a good impression on the customer. The add-ons provided with the food like sauce sachets with burgers, oregano and chili flakes with pizza, mint sauce and onions with Indian delicacies all create a good impression in the mind of the customer and they look forward to ordering from you again.
  • Outsourcing deliveries: You save on investment by tying up with third-party restaurant delivery partners like Zomato and Swiggy. You do not have to invest in your delivery boys and vehicles. By outsourcing deliveries, you also save on delivery time and prevent the hassle of having in-house delivery boys.
  • Having a proper CRM: This enables you to maintain the details of the customer, their address and contact number, which saves you the hassle and time of asking for the details every time. You can confirm the address and keep a note of the landmark, if any, which saves you the time to reach a given address. A proper GPS provided to the riders helps them to locate the addresses easily and timely.
  • Offering coupons and various promotional ideas: You can also offer various discounts to customers. The buy one get one scheme attracts a lot of customers. Slashing down the prices and providing early bird offers and discount is one of the best ways to attract and retail customers.

With the changing trends and growing technology, the restaurant industry stands for a brighter future where you have options of running various kinds of restaurants depending upon your investment. By following the above-generalized tips, you can ensure a broader customer base and serve them better by retaining them and providing excellent deliveries.